Suavipiel ALOES Soft sponge

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ALOES Collection
Aloe is a plant which has been used since time immemorial for skin care. It does not only moisturise, nourish and smoothen it, it has regenerating, healing and toning properties. It is also an excellent cleanser and a natural antiseptic. A true gift of nature which we have included as sap extracts in each of the products of the Aloe Collection of SUAVIPIEL. You will enjoy yourself. Your skin will enjoy itself much more.

The cavities innovating system SOFT SYSTEM of SUAVIPIEL of this sponge offers you an extra softness to achieve a cleaner and healthier skin, a foam plus for a more relaxing bath and a greater resistance so that the product lasts much more. Indicated for sensitive and dry skins.

Apply some drops of gel on the sponge surface, pressing it continuously for some seconds until getting abundant foam.
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