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Basicare Eyelid Stickers

2,90 €

SKU: 1292
Brand: Basicare
Unit: tk
Qty: 10
Eyelid stickers

Eyelid stickers are suitable for all skin colors that make sure you must be like it very much. Pre-cut thin strips of tape that easily adhere on skin to create an attractive eye fold and give eyes an alluring deep set look. Excellent air penetrability and makeup applicabilityofthis breathable eyelid sticker. Adhesive tape to keep the double eyelid while resisting water or sweat all day long. Easy to apply make-up after the double eyelid tape on.

Usage: Clean and dry eyelids and then use an applicator to creat an eye fold. Then stick the tape right under the eye fold. Using the applicator, gently push the tape to keep it in place.

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