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Chemi-Pharm Des Insurance 1000ml

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Brand: Chemi-Pharm
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Des Insurance is an effective cleaner and disinfectant for cleaning and disinfecting all medical instruments before hot or chemical sterilization. It is suitable for washing all water resistant instruments. Des Insurance is material friendly.

It removes blood, proteins, secretions and fats from medical instruments and tools. Des Insurance can be rinsed off quickly and completely. Des Insurance has a wide anti-bacterial effect and it destroys Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, fungi, viruses (including HBV and HIV). The product is biodegradable as the waste can be poured into the sewer. It does not contain phosphates.

The use of the working solution is harmless for people in the room.

Immediately after usage, the instruments are disassembled, if needed and placed into Des Insurance 1% (10 ml of solution per 990ml of water) solution inside a lidded container for 10 minutes. Should the level of dirtiness be very high, also stronger concentrations can be used. Make sure that all instruments to be washed are covered with the working solution. After the time of effect, the instruments are washed and rinsed with running water and, if needed, placed into a chemical sterilization solution or a hot sterilization cupboard. Is suitable for use both in ultrasound baths and in the washing machines for endoscopes. If using in washing machines it is advisable to add defoamer. For chemical sterilization our product Chemihyd Des is suitable.
The working solution is prepared by dissolving the concentrate in water. Ready working solution can be stored for 14 days; the used solution is effective for 24 hours.
Des Insurance is in accordance with following standards: EN 1040, EN 13727, EN 1275

pH 11 (concentrate)
Working solution pH 9,5-10,0

Storage conditions: The solution should be stored in airtight containers, at a temperature of +5 - +30°C.

In case of eye contact, wash immediately with plenty of water and contact a doctor, if needed. If swallowed, give plenty of water to drink and contact a doctor, if needed.

CE labeling in accordance with the Directive for Medical Devices (MDD).

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