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Hansen Supplements Pure Zinc-Carnosine 98% 20g

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Pure Zinc-Carnosine 98% 20g

Zinc-L-carnosine (ZnC) is a chelated compound that contains L-carnosine and zinc. It is a relatively new molecule and has been associated with multiple health benefits. 
Its unique structure is estimated to be three times more effective when it comes to healing than the individual ingredients it’s made up of; zinc and carnosine.
Zinc is a required mineral found in meat, eggs, shellfish, cheese, legumes, and tofu. Zinc is an essential mineral that is a part of many enzymes that are critical in cell proliferation during cell repair, especially in epithelial and epidermal cells. Therefore, it is required for wound healing of the skin, connective tissue, and intestinal lining, particularly epithelial tissue. 
Zinc deficiency, whether from dietary, hereditary, or other causes, leads to pathological conditions, such as growth retardation, skin symptoms, and taste disorders.

Ingredients: Zinc-Carnosine 98%, Carnosine 76%, Zinc 22%

Recommended daily dose 0,15-0,3g.
Do not to exceed the stated recommended daily dose.
Store in a cool and dark place, away from children.
Free measuring spoon included. The spoon holds 0,4g Zinc-Carnosine and is dishwasher safe.

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