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Nurme Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml

7,40 €

SKU: 3244
Brand: Nurme
Qty: 2
Tea Tree Essential Oil 

Aroma: warm, spicy, fresh, woody.

Uses: In aromatherapy: mood-lifting, re-energizing. Can be used in an aroma lamp, for inhalation, compresses, bath. Helps in household cleaning (as an overall cleaner, added to water etc.). Traditionally has been used for boosting the immune system, fighting infections, relieving cold symptoms, in oral care (e.g. strengthens the gums), offers relief from various skin conditions, soothes sunburned skin, helps wounds to heal faster, relieves muscle tensions. Used in soaps, deodorants, creams, lotions, shampoos. Stimulates hair growth, helps to prevent dandruff.
Blends well with: lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, clove, pine, nutmeg, ginger, rosemary, sweet orange.

Ingredients: Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil

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