RefectoCil Artist Palette

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Artist Palette

Feel like an artist. RefectoCil Artist palette enables you to mix eyelash and eyebrow tint at the same time and provides two grooves for resting your cosmetic brushes.

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Eye protection papers soft

Eye protection papers protects the lower eyelids of the client against unwanted staining by a special, impenetrable coating. The extra soft material and the shape of the papers are especially comfortable for the client. RefectoCil Eye protection papers EXTRA are extra soft and have a special coating. The special coating on the upper side prevents the tint from penetrating into the RefectoCil Eye protection papers, therefore providing extra protection from tint colouring the skin – all tint remains on the eyelashes only. The special shape of the papers enable easy handling for the user and a perfect fit and optimum skin protection for the client. 80 pcs.
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