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Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler Hairbrush Pink

14,95 €

SKU: 40635
Brand: Tangle Teezer
Unit: tk
Qty: 3
Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler Hairbrush Pink

Tangle Teezer makes untangling of any type of hair easy. It is suitable for every hair type. The Tangle Teezer brush does not irritate wet hair, which is more prone to damage. It is not intended for use in styling with the use of heat. Comfortable, handy shape. Ergonomic shape. Easily combs and untangles your hair. Suitable for even distribution of cosmetics on hair. The Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler brush has 325 elastic teeth that easily work through tangled parts and quickly untangle hair. At the same time, hair is protected against breaking during combing. Easily and quickly detangled hair protected against breakage.

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