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The Vintage Cosmetic Company 7 Piece Cleansing Sponges Pink Heart

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Brand: The Vintage Cosmetic Company
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Qty: 76
The Vintage Cosmetic Company 7 Piece Cleansing Sponges Pink Heart

These heart shaped cleansing sponges give your face a little bit of love. Use with your favourite cleanser to remove the day's dirt and grime for squeaky clean skin!

How to use: Dampen the sponge with warm water. Add your favourite cleanser to the centre of the sponge. Use the sponge in circular motions across the face. Watch it lather! Rinse your face and the sponge. Leave to air dry (the sponge...not your face).

The Vintage Cosmetic Company loves all things vintage and has created a range of cosmetic accessories inspired by the glamour and charm of the 1950`s. Beauttifully produced and loved by celebrities, these darling products are sure to add pizzazz to any girl`s collection.


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