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Yes Studio Lavaly Lava Lamp

29,00 €

Brand: Yes Studio
Unit: tk
Qty: 6
Yes Studio Lavaly Lava Lamp

The slow movements & soft illumination of our lavaly lava lamp helps to calm, reduce stress, improve focus and aid relaxation.

Size: 21 x 8.5 x 8.5

How to use:
1. Assemble on a flat surface.
2. Ensure that the lamp is unplugger before touching.
3. Ensure light bulb is completely centered.
4. Position lamp on the base and make sure it is steady.
5. Place cap on top of the bottle 
to complete assembly.
6. Plug in and turn swich on.
7. Replace only with frosted 20-Watt R39 E17 Lava Lamp Bulbs.


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