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Ardell Fashion Lashes 118 Black

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SKU: 61810
Brand: Ardell
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Qty: 292

Fashion Lashes 118 Black


Natural-born thrillers. These subtle and super light strip lashes are perfect for all of your casual daytime looks. Adds a little bit of volume and opens the eye with the delicate graduated-length style. Light volume, short length. Flared lash style: shorter at the inner corner and longer at the outer corner. Invisiband® provides an undetectable lash band and the most comfortable wear.


Application: Align band with natural lash line to check fit. Trim excess if necessary. Apply a thin line of adhesive along band. Wait 30 seconds to set. Secure lash band by pressing onto lash line.


Caution: Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only.

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