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Basicare Body Scrabber Loofah

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SKU: 2134
Brand: Basicare
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Body Scrabber Loofah

This Round Loofah Pad-Flex/Pebble works well in deep-cleansing, exfoliating and massaging your skin, also bends in the middle which is nice as you wash more curved areas of your body. Can be applied to facial exfoliation too.

How to use: Before use, soak the body loofah pads in warm water to make it soft. This loofah sponge pad has an elastic hand strap and terry cloth backing design to ensure the loofah pad stays in your hand for all over body scrubbing. Comfortable to use while bathing, the reverse side has soft terry cloth cotton fabric to remove body oils, dirt and debris. Rinse thoroughly after each use. Hang to dry in an airy place.

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