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Basicare Led Light Cosmetic Mirror

4,88 € 6,10 €

SKU: 1293
Brand: Basicare
Unit: tk
Qty: 3
Led Light Cosmetic Mirror

Double sided mirror 1x/3x magnification. Rotate at any angle for convenient use. Opreated with 3 cell batteries (included), with 2 pcs LED.

Instruction: Screw the battery cover anticlockwise to open the cover. Insert 3xAG12 batteries as per the polarity instruction. Screw the battery cover clocwise to replace it. Press the switch button to turn on the LED light. Open the upper cover and rotate at any angle for use. Hold in hand or stand on table freely. And 1x or 3x both mirror for your convenient use. Press the switch button again to turn off the LED light after use.

Care: Take out batteries if no use for long time. Please don`t disassemble the machine if not being professiona. Keep out of reach of children.

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