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Beauty Image Hydroalcoholic Hygienic Gel 100ml

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SKU: 20000410
Brand: Chemi-Pharm
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Hydralcoholic Hygienic Gel With Aloe Vera

Beauty Image hydroalcoholic hygienic gel is especially formulated to  obtain a deep and efficient cleaning of the  skin, with no need to use water. I t provides a fresh feeling on the skin and protects it thanks to its content in Aloe vera. Its use grants a correct hygiene of our hands between the treatment of one client and another. Quick dry, no sticky touch. Suitable for all skin types. Apply on healthy skin. Alcohol content 53% (mixture of denat alcohol and isopropyl alcohol, the second on with greater antiseptic effect). Helps protecting hands cosmetically by avoiding exessive dryness.
Active Ingredients: Isopropyl alcohol: It evaporates without leaving any residues, so it is especially useful to be added on products for hands care.
Aloe Vera Extract: It has hydrating, moistuirizing and emmolient effects. Calms the skin and provides freshness and wellbeing.

How to use: apply with a gentle massage on the hands until it`s completely absorbed. Can be applied as many time as needed.

Cautions:  For external use only. Do not apply directly on the eyes, nose, mucous or open wounds and other skin irregularities. Keep out of the reach of children.

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