Beauty Jar Natural oil ECO COCO 150ml

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100% coconut oil ECO COCO

Talking about coconut oil, you can write a whole book of compliments! Nature put into it an incredible amount of useful elements that work miracles with hair and skin.

Face: rejuvenates the skin and restores tone.
Make-up removal: washes off even stubborn make-up.
Scalp: soothes scalp and prevents dandruff.
Hair: restores dry and damaged hair.
Body: moisturizes skin and makes it as soft as baby skin.
Shaving: replaces shaving cream or foam.
Hands: softens cuticles and accelerates nail growth.

How to use: warm oil in hands or in warm water and apply on dry skin with massage movements.

Ingredients: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil.
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