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Beter Tweezer La Pinzette with light and mirror

9,50 €

SKU: 09124
Brand: BETER
Unit: tk
Qty: 16
Beter Tweezer La Pinzette with light and mirror

Its innovative design perfectly lights up the area to be plucked so that not a single hair goes unnoticed. The mini case includes: a pair of stainless steel, slanted tip tweezers modified by hand for a firm grip and a rectangular mirror, ideal for a perfect hair removal. With the light, you won’t overlook a single hair. With the mirror, you’ll see yourself better. Mini case, a must to keep in your bag!
The LED lamp lights up the hair removal area with optimal precision. Enamelled stainless steel slanted tip, aligned by hand to guarantee a firm grip. The perfect size mirror for flawless hair removal.
3 batteries included. To change batteries, see the inside instructions.

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