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Brushworks Black Cloud Headband

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SKU: 5256457
Brand: Brushworks
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Brushworks Black Cloud Headband 

The Brushworks Black Cloud Headband is a luxurious terry cloth spa headband. Designed as a headband for washing your face, its purpose is to enhance your self-care routine. Crafted from the very best terry cloth material, this spa headband is soft and absorbent. It not only keeps hair in place, but the headband acts as the perfect barrier for water when washing your face. Further to this, the spa headband is also perfect for your skincare and make-up routines, ensuring you can apply moisturiser, foundation and powder without any stray hairs getting in the way. Beyond its functionality, the Brushworks Black Cloud Headband adds an element of sophistication to your daily routine. Its plush texture offers a delightful feel against your head and skin, providing both secure hair management and a spa-like indulgence. With every wear, you’ll find yourself falling in love with the comfort and cuteness of this headband.

PETA Approved – Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.

Soft terry cloth
Absorbent Spa Headband
How many times have you been mid way through your skincare routine, without a headband on your head and realised a strand of hair has made its way onto your forehead, getting covered in product. That is the exact reason spa headbands have risen to popularity! We’ve all heard about diets for your skin and hair, and elongated product routines, but have you stopped to think about how much a skincare headband would make all of those far more effective? Its classic design adds an adorable touch to your daily routine. The spa headband’s lightweight design guarantees ultimate comfort, allowing you to focus on the important stuff. Crafted with high-quality materials, the spa headband withstands daily use, ensuring it remains your trusted companion for a long time. So, indulge in style, comfort, and lasting cuteness with the Brushworks Black Cloud Headband. Discover the essential nature of a spa headband in your routine.

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