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Brushworks No. 11 Flat Top Contour Brush

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SKU: 5256468
Brand: Brushworks
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Brushworks No. 11 Flat Top Contour Brush

Introducing the Brushworks No. 11 Flat Top Contour Brush, your essential tool for achieving a flawlessly sculpted look. Designed to effortlessly blend cream and liquid products, this brush transforms your contour application, ensuring a flawless finish. The shape of the brush is tailored for precision, making it an ideal choice for sculpting out the contours of your face. Featuring super soft taklon synthetic bristles, this brush ensures that your cream and liquid products glide on smoothly and evenly, while being extremely gentle on the skin.
Using our new Brushworks density scale, you can tailor your brush selection based on denseness for precision in every application. With precision in mind, the Brushworks No. 11 boasts an impressive 8 on the density scale, making it the go-to choice for those who prefer a dense brush that effortlessly defines and contours facial features. The plastic-free packaging reflects our dedication to sustainability, minimising single use plastic.
PETA Approved - Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.
How to Use:
• Apply your chosen contour product to the hollows of your cheeks, temples, jawline and nose, or alternatively dip the brush into your product and apply in any areas you want to sculpt
• Lightly blend into the skin with gentle motions, making sure to blend any harsh lines for a defined, flawless look

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