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Brushworks Scalp Massaging Brush

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Brand: Brushworks
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Brushworks Scalp Massaging Brush

A game changing hair product to instantly step up your scalp care. If you are struggling with thin, dull hair, you may have just found your holy grail product. Brushworks Scalp Massaging Brush features flexible thin bristles that when rubbed in small circular motions on the head, helps to remove any product build up, for the deepest possible cleanse. The brush stimulates blood flow to encourage hair growth with regular use. This haircare essential is also perfect when paired with your favourite hair oil, to gently massage it into the scalp for the ultimate pamper.
PETA Approved - Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.
How to Use:
• Generously apply your favourite hair oil to the scalp and simply massage the silicone bristles around in a circular motion
• Rinse well after use and leave to air dry 
 • Stimulates hair growth
• Effectively cleanses
• Removes oil buildup 
• Suitable for all hair types

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