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BYS Kids Face Mask 3 Layer Camo

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Brand: BYS
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BYS Kids Face Mask 3 Layer Camo

Face mask are made of breathable cotton fabric/polyester/PET/elastane. That does not irritate the skin of the face, and reduces direct (reflexive) touching of the face, lips.
The product should be used as intended. Non sterile product. Concentration of particulate matter 27,38% 2,5 µm. Store and transport in packaging, which protects against dirt, mechanical damage and soiling.
Cleaning: The masks are reusable and machine washable temperature 60 ºC. The product should be cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions, then checked. Do not store a soiled product. The product is not suitable for use in the event of damage or soiling that cannot be removed by the cleaning process. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.
Instructions of putting on and adjustment: 1. Pass your fingers through the rubber bands. Put the mask on your nose and mouth. 2. Remove the mask by grasping the rubber bands and pulling them off your ears. Do not touch the mask when removing it. Wash the mask according to the manufacturer's instructions.

WARNING / ATTENTION! It is not a medical mask or personal protective equipment. The mask limits the release of droplets from the user's respiratory tract into the environment

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