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BYS Lashes Alluring

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Brand: BYS
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BYS Lashes Alluring

Ultra lightweight, easy to apply and reuseable the BYS Eyelash range includes a styles from subtle & natural to high impact lashes that demand attention. Made from synthetic hair, each pair of BYS eyelashes. Try our newest Triple lashes enhanced with more volume to give you full and luscious lashes.

To apply: Ensure eyelid is clean and dry before applying eyelash. Remove each lash from storage tray by lifting from the outside edge very carefully with tweezers. Fit each lash by holding in front of your eye to determine correct length. Cut off excess length from outside edge one hair at the time. Draw a fine line of adhesive o the back edge, leave to dry until tacky. Using tweezers, place directly onto eyelid. Do not place them too close to the corner of the eye. Fit as close as possible tu the roots of your own lashes.

To remove: Gently peel off from the inside of the eyelid outward. Do not pull on individual hairs.

Contains: 2 false eyelashes 

Caution: Avoid direct eye contact. In case of contact, rinse with water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention if necessary. Discontinue use if any sign of irritation occurs. External use only. Test adhesive before use. Keep out of reachof children.


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