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BYS Makeup Contour Blending Brush

7,12 € 8,90 €

Brand: BYS
Unit: tk
Qty: 150
BYS Contour Blending Brush

BYS Contour Blending Brush is the ideal tool to expertly blend contouring creams, liquids and powders. The easy to use, custom-curved brush head provides flawless definition whilst ensuring a precise finish.

Direction: Apply contour product onto forehead, jawline, sides of nose, temples and hollows of cheeks. Using sharp, short strokes, blend product into skin. Finish by setting your base with a translucent powder.

Cleaning: Wash your brush using a good shampoo. Run brush hairs under warm water, then lather and rinse until the water runs clear. After washing, shape brush hairs and allow to air dry. Wash brushes every two weeks or when makeup product is visible within brush.

Vegan Friendly

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