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Chemi-Pharm Des New 1000ml

10,70 €

SKU: 25.0001000A15E0
Brand: Chemi-Pharm
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Chemi-Pharm Des New 

CHEMIPHARM DES NEW is a liquid concentrate for cleaning and disinfection of all water-tolerant surfaces. It is used for daily disinfection in all areas of healthcare facilities, food industry and veterinary clinics. CHEMIPHARM DES NEW combines effective cleaning with disinfection. It is especially suitable for preventive disinfection of large surfaces in commonly used areas.
APPLICATION AREAS: CHEMIPHARM DES NEW can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, family health centres, sanatoriums, residential care homes, childcare institutions, food industry, hairdresser’s and beauty salons, saunas, swimming pool premises and everywhere else where cleaning is needed together with disinfection.

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