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FACEWEAR Protection Mask Vintage Brown

9,90 €

SKU: FW013
Brand: Facewear
Unit: tk
Qty: 7
FACEWEAR - multi-purpose mask and accessory with a filter


Layer 1 - Microfiber textile
Layer 2 - Pre-filtration
Layer 3 - F9 ePM1 nanofilter (DIN ISO16890)
Layer 4 - Soft cotton

Weight per unit: 12 g
Size: ~21 x 13,5 cm. One size fits most.

Function: Multi-purpose. Protects from a wind, smog, ash, haze, dust and pollen.


Safe, comfortable, easy breathable, windproof, soft and skin-friendly. Reusable (washable).
Lightweight material allows wear all day long.
Wearing a mask is a good way to prevent accidental touching of your mouth and nose with dirty hands.
Adjustable. Elastic strap design makes it suitable for most people.
Not affect the language of communication.
Suitable for many activities: indoor/outdoor, city walks, office work, sports, crafts, gardening, travel and more.
Foldable and easy to carry.

Please Note:

Wash hands before applying mask to face.
Before first use - wash mask at 40°C water, washing mode suitable for synthetic fabrics or/and iron with a steamer or an iron in minimal mode.
Do not wash with other clothes. Do not use bleach.
In case of breathing problems or allergy - prohibited to use.

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