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ILŪ 401 Blending Brush

2,40 €

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Brand: ILŪ
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ILŪ 401 Blending Brush

The perfect eye makeup is not complete without some quality blending! Although combining different shades of eyeshadows requires a bit of practice, the right brush will definitely make the job easier. The soft, synthetic taklon bristles of this blending brush perfectly blend shadows for smooth, seamless finish. The synthetic taklon bristles are a great substitute for natural hair. They are gentle for the delicate skin around the eyes and can be used by vegans. The brush can also be used to blend other cosmetics.

How to care for your brush?
Remember to wash your brushes regularly. Wash the brushes with warm water and mild detergent. Avoid getting water on the wooden handles. After rinsing, form the bristles into their original shape, and allow the brushes to dry in vertical position with bristles facing down.

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