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ILŪ 505 Brow Comb Brush

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Brand: ILŪ
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ILŪ 505 Brow Comb Brush

Smart accessories can make your makeup routine quick and pleasant. Among them is a 2in1 Brow -Comb Brush. The thick, compact brush with firm bristles allows to comb your brows and give them that perfect shape. The comb will help separate eyebrows and eyelashes and remove excess cosmetic products. The wooden handle and copper ferrule are scratch resistant and easy to clean.

How to care for your brush?
Remember to wash your brushes regularly. Wash the brushes with warm water and mild detergent. Avoid getting water on the wooden handles. After rinsing, form the bristles into their original shape, and allow the brushes to dry in vertical position with bristles facing down.

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