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ILŪ Eyelash Curler Pink

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Brand: ILŪ
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ILŪ Eyelash Curler Pink

Why is it so special? It grips even the shortest eyelashes, making sure they are beautifully curled and spectacularly elongated. Ilū curler will leave your eyes impossible to forget with captivating and luscious lashes.

How to use: Use the lash curler only before applying mascara to prevent lashes damage. Place the curler on dry lashes close to your upper lash line. Gently squeeze handles together and hold for 10 seconds. Do not squeeze curler for too long if you want to avoid unnatural bend. Slowly open the curler and release the lashes. Looking for more intense curl? Just repeat the step up the length of your lashes. Clean the curler regularly with water or mild cleanser.

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