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ILŪ Make Up Sponge Olive Cut Pink

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Brand: ILŪ
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ILŪ Make Up Sponge Olive Cut Pink

There's no better way to get your day off to a good start than with perfect makeup! If you are looking for a proven recipe for the perfect makeup, make friends with the ilū sponge and you will see that applying a foundation has never been so easy. The olive cut make-up sponge is great for applying creamy and liquid cosmetics such as foundations, concealers and camouflages. The ilū makeup sponge provides the final result of perfect coverage without stains or smudges.

How to use: Soak the sponge in lukewarm water, then squeeze lightly. Apply a small amount of the cosmetic on it, gently press it against the skin and massage or apply with stamping movements.
The conical tip is good for precise, point application of cosmetics, and the bevelled surface is great for accurate application of the foundation with stamping movements. The rounded surface of the sponge blends cosmetics, achieving streak-free coverage. Finished! Now you can enjoy a perfectly smooth complexion with an even color. After each use of the sponge, be sure to wash it with warm water with soap or a special detergent and leave it to dry.

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