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Lussoni Disposable Foot File Strips grit 80 30pc

13,60 €

SKU: 14657
Brand: Lussoni
Unit: kmpl
Qty: 10
Lussoni Disposable Foot File Strips grit 80 30 pcs

These disposable 80-grit foot files are self-adhesive. They are designed to be glued on the Lussoni surgical steel base. They will make it easier to maintain hygienic standards while performing the pedicure.

Rough grit
They can be used both on dry and wet feet
High standard of hygiene during treatments
Comfortable self-adhesive formula
Effective smoothing of foot skin
The roughest grit (80) removes dead skin cells and callous foot skin.

How to use:
Apply a disposable Lussoni foot file to the base. Make sure that the foot file fits precisely on the sides. After use, peel off the file and dispose. The base is ready for use again.

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