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Lussoni PTC 300 Pin Tail Comb

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Brand: Lussoni
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Lussoni PTC 300 Pin Tail Comb

Lussoni PTC 300 comb was designed to separate hair into strands. Small, narrowly spaced teeth thoroughly comb hair strands and a thin metal tail separates them precisely. The comb is small and handy, and its round tip does not irritate the scalp.

Advantages of the comb:
Made of the best quality durable material: carbon fibre
Heat resistant up to 230oC
Lightweight and handy, comfortable to use
Prevents hair static
Releases negative ions that make hair shiny
Its rounded teeth are gentle to the scalp and do not damage hair
Resistant to chemicals
Size 26 x 4 x 220mm. Metal Tail Size 90mm

The Lussoni comb collection for cutting, lifting, combing and styling hair has been developed in collaboration with stylists to meet highest level expectations and requirements. The Lussoni combs are valued by professional hairdressers, but are also ideal for home use.

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