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Nacomi Next Level Scalp serum applicator and massager

23,90 €

SKU: N4543
Brand: Nacomi Next Level
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Qty: 44
Nacomi Next Level Scalp serum applicator and massager 

Do you want to take care of the health and beauty of your hair? Our modern scalp applicator may prove crucial in your hair care! Thanks to its smooth tips, the application of the serum becomes simple and effective, and the simultaneous massage of the scalp stimulates microcirculation, positively affecting the condition and growth of hair strands.
Its design allows for even distribution of the product directly at the hair roots, ensuring its effective penetration into the skin. This is not only a great way to strengthen and protect hair, but also to regenerate and revitalize the scalp.
The ergonomic shape of the applicator allows for convenient and precise application of the product, while ensuring maximum control and effectiveness. Additionally, the applicator has been designed to suit all hair types and structures, meaning everyone can enjoy its benefits.
Additionally, our applicator has a capacious tank that holds up to 30ml, which means you can easily use it in your daily care without the need to constantly refill the serum. Combined with a specially prepared Epigenetic scalp serum, it will bring maximum results to ensure that your hair is always strong, thick and beautiful.

Open and remove the silicone cap. Hold the massager horizontally, fill the tank and close the silicone cap. Then massage the scalp, pressing gently and using circular movements. The device can also be used as a standard scalp massager, without the need to refill the tank.

The applicator has: the ability to dispense the appropriate amount of serum;
ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in the hand;
intended for all hair types and structures;
capacious tank holding up to 30 ml.

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