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SkinClinic Premium Retinol One Million 9ml

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Brand: SkinClinic
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SkinClinic Premium Retinol One Million 9ml

Intense Renovation. An ideal BOOSTER to combine with your night cream and enhance its effects, as well as to cover specific needs of the skin. Its daily use attenuates wrinkles and provides luminosity, firmness and elasticity.
How to use:
FACIAL  HYGIENE: Cleanse the face in depth with Sensitive Cleanser or Cleansing Milk and Facial Toner.
APPLICATION: Always apply at night as follows:  Apply 1 g of regular face cream (a small chickpea) in your hand. • Then add 1-2 drops of Retinol One Million, mix well and spread on face, neck and décolleté. You can also put two grams of cream with 3-4 drops of Retinol One Million. In sensitive skin, use it progressively: 1st WEEK: Start using Retinol One Million every three nights. 2nd WEEK: If you notice that your skin tolerates it well, use it on alternate nights. 3rd WEEK: If you continue to tolerate it well, you can include it in your daily routine.
BODY If applied on the body 2-3 g. of cosmetic and 4-6 drops of Retinol One Million can be used. * Follow the same steps of hygiene and sun protection applied in the face. Its application in excess can produce peeling, exfoliation and dehydration of the skin. Retinol can become phototoxic, generate inflammation and stain the skin. For this reason, it is recommended to use it at night, cleansing the skin thoroughly in the morning and applying photoprotection during the day if it is necessary to be exposed to intense sunlight.
GENERAL WARNINGS: Only use at night. Dot recommended in pregnant women and lactation. Do not apply to people with Retinol sensitivity. We recommend not to exceed the recommended amount. Daily use or on alternate days. The product must remain closed, in a dry and cool place. Keep away from direct light. External use.

Ingredients: Retinyl Palmitate, Ppg-3 Benzyl Ether Ethylhexanoate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Bht.

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