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Suavipiel ACTIVE Extra Peeling Sponge

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SKU: K50001
Brand: Suavipiel Cosmetics
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Qty: 35
Suavipiel ACTIVE Collection
Suavipiel ACTIVE products help you remove impurities, the excess fat and the dead cells of your skin, and are an excellent co-operation when preventing premature aging. They are all that you need to get a regenerated and radiant skin.

Suavipiel Extra Peeling Sponge

Sponge with a strong and effective peeling action. It drags dead cells and all types of impurities accumulating all day long, it activates blood circulation and leaves the skin clean and smooth. Indicated for normal-mixed skins.

How to use: Apply bath gel on the sponge and massage yourself softly, with circular movements, to activate blood circulation, on the buttocks, legs and abdomen.

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