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Suavipiel ACTIVE Sense Sponge 2pc

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SKU: K50083
Brand: Suavipiel Cosmetics
Unit: kmpl
Qty: 1103
Suavipiel ACTIVE Collection 2pc

Suavipiel ACTIVE products help you remove impurities, the excess fat and the dead cells of your skin, and are an excellent co-operation when preventing premature aging. They are all that you need to get a regenerated and radiant skin.

Suavipiel ACTIVE Sense Sponge
Peeling action, very soft and nice. It provides you with a delicious massage, leaving your skin very smooth. You can use it every day without damaging your skin. Indicated for all types of skins.

How to use: Apply some drops of gel on the sponge surface, pressing it continuously for some seconds until getting abundant foam.

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