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Suavipiel BATH Microfiber sponge

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SKU: K50024
Brand: Suavipiel Cosmetics
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Suavipiel BATH Collection
This is your moment. You take off your night pyjamas or clothes used for a long day. You open the purifying water of your daily shower, which runs with an enveloping and inviting sound. You take a deliciously smooth sponge of the BATH range of SUAVIPIEL, which will caress your skin. Thoughts stop, sensations begin. It is your well-being moment.

Suavipiel BATH Microfiber Sponge
Its extreme smoothness takes care and caresses your skin daily. Spongy and delicate, it is the ideal complement for the most delicate and sensitive skins, it does not damage their hydro-lipidic layer.

How to use: Apply some drops of gel on the sponge surface, pressing it continuously for some seconds until you have abundant foam.

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