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Suavipiel NATURAL Sisal glove

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Brand: Suavipiel Cosmetics
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Suavipiel NATURAL Collection
Nature uses infinite languages to transmit us that our body is beautiful and deserves to be taken care of. The freshest plants and the most delicate creatures from the deep sea whisper us a message that we sometimes manage to hear: keep calm. The Natural range of Suavipiel puts nature into contact with your skin so that it shines, being relaxed. So that all your body is healthy and calm. To make you feel good.

Suavipiel NATURAL Sisal Glove
From sisal plant, Agave Sisalana Perrine, we extract the best fibers to make the sisal glove of SUAVIPIEL. With a soft massage, you can activate blood circulation and peel your skin in an effective and natural way, removing toxins, dead cells, excess fat and blackheads, recovering its luminosity and purity.

How to use: Apply the bath gel on the glove and massage yourself softly, with circular movements to activate blood circulation, on the buttocks, legs and abdomen.

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