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The Vintage Cosmetic Company Back Scrubber Pink

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Brand: The Vintage Cosmetic Company
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Back Scrubber Pink

Want to give your back the star treatment, but can’t quite reach it all? Baby, get our back scrubber! With its long handle and easy-grip design in a pretty, lightweight pale pink <>, ours helps you clean all those awkwsard area you can’t usually reach. 
The soft nylon bristles are firm enough to use for dry body brushing, yet soft enough not to scratch and irritate sensitive skin both in the water or out. Use regularly to exfoliate and polish your skin to peachy-clean perfection, show blackheads and spots the back door, and even banish bacne. It’s simply the best way to get a beautiful back for good.

How to use:
- Before you even step into the bathroom, use it to dry-brush your back – this loosens and removes dead flaky skin cells, helps improve your circulation, and provides instant relief from niggling itchiness.
- When you’re ready, step into the water and get your back wet.
- Apply a little body wash directly to the brush’s bristles.
- Starting from your shoulders, work the brush all over your back. 
After use, rinse the brush thoroughly, then hang up with the loop to air-dry.  Depending on how sensitive your skin is, use at least twice a week to make sure baby got (clean) back!
Please note: don’t use on broken skin or severe acne.

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