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The Vintage Cosmetic Company Eye Cream Applicator Rose Gold

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Brand: The Vintage Cosmetic Company
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The Vintage Cosmetic Company Eye Cream Applicator Rose Gold

The eye cream applicator is perfect for applying your favourite eye creams and serums without harming the delicate and sensitive eye area. This nifty little tool massages the skin to help reduce the appearance of tiredness and dark circles.

How to use: Using the spatula end of the eye cream applicator, scoop out a small amount of the product and apply it underneath the eyes. Flip the eye cream applicator and use the rounded end to massage the cream into the skin. Massage both under and above the eyes until the cream has been absorbed.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company loves all things vintage and has created a range of cosmetic accessories inspired by the glamour and charm of the 1950`s. Beauttifully produced and loved by celebrities, these darling products are sure to add pizzazz to any girl`s collection.

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