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The Vintage Cosmetic Company Precision Shadow Brush

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Brand: The Vintage Cosmetic Company
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Precision Shadow Brush

Fitted with soft, synthetic bristles and a long-lasting, high quality aluminium ferrule, the multi-purpose eyeshadow brush is perfect for building, blending and defining eyeshadow onto the lids. It delivers product with ease and expertly blends, buffs and defines, even in the smallest of creases. The bristles are soft and feel comfortable on application. Complete with a wooden handle.

Directions: Layer the dark colours in the outer corner and through the socket line. To give the illusion of bigger eyes apply a light, shimmering colour to the inner corners of your eyes. Blend the colours together to achieve a look set for a night out.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company loves all things vintage and has created a range of cosmetic accessories inspired by the glamour and charm of the 1950`s. Beauttifully produced and loved by celebrities, these darling products are sure to add pizzazz to any girl`s collection.

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