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Tweezerman Children's Manicure Kit

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Tweezerman's Baby Manicure Kit 

Tweezerman's Baby Manicure Kit features four precision manicure tools specially designed for tiny, delicate nails. Each tool provides safe, gentle care of baby fingers and toes. The Baby Nail Clipper is specially designed to cut babies’ delicate nails without pulling or tearing. Baby Nail Scissor blades feature curved, rounded tips for safety. Rubberized handles provide a comfortable, no-slip grip. Baby Nail Brush gently removes dirt and debris under nails. Soft grit file shapes and smooths delicate nail edges to prevent scratching. Kit includes tools designed specifically for use on baby, convenient and portable; great for home and travel.

How to use:
1. Hold baby's palm and finger steady with one hand while trimming, filing and cleaning with the other.
2. Nail Clippers: Place the baby’s nail in the opening, making sure only the nail is near the blades. Gently press down the handle to trim.
3. Scissors: Use to gently trim nails on infants over two months in age.
4. Nail File: Use file to gently smooth rough nails.
5. Nail Brush: Use go gently clean under baby nails.

Tool care: Clean blades with alcohol or peroxide after each use.

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