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Tweezerman File Smooth Buff and Shine Block Neons

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SKU: 3491-R
Brand: Tweezerman
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Tweezerman Neon Buff & Shine Block

Easily replace worn pads with peel off replacements for the buff & shine block. File, buff, smooth and shine nails to perfection. Each side of the fingernail buffer block features pads that can be easily removed and replaced (4 each). Sides are gentle on nails, yet fast and effective to shape and smooth to the perfect shine. Neon pads are color-coded and labeled for ease of use.

How to use:
1. Use the pink side to file, orange to buff, green to smooth and yellow to shine.
2. Peel off and replace nail buff and shine block pads as needed.

Tool care: Replace pads after regular use.

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