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Tweezerman Ultra Precision Nipper

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SKU: 3191-LLT
Brand: Tweezerman
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Tweezerman Ultra Precision Cuticle Nipper

Titanium gold cuticle nipper is durable and precise for removing excess cuticles. The sharp blades are hand-filed & ultra-thin to perform with advanced accuracy. Part of the Ultra Precision Series, this stainless steel tool is coated in a Titanium finish - advanced technology that improves performance and rust resistance.

How to use: Push back cuticles using a manicure stick or the Pushy and Nail Cleaner. Carefully trim any pieces of non-living skin. Be careful not to overcut the cuticle and cut into the tissue.

Tool care: Clean nipper blades after each use. Wipe clean with alcohol wipe. Item can be sanitized in an autoclave or barbicide. 

Caution: Do not cut live skin. Not for use on acrylic nails.

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