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Urolithin A 99% 10g

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Brand: Hansen Supplements
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Urolithin A 99% 10g

Urolithin A is a metabolite compound resulting from the transformation of ellagitannins by the gut bacteria. It belongs to the class of organic compounds known as benzo-coumarins or dibenzo-α-pyrones.
Urolithin A is not known to be found in any food source. Its bioavailability mostly depends on individual microbiota composition, as only some bacteria are able to convert ellagitannins into urolithins.
Urolithin A is a postbiotic that is synthesized by the body after eating certain foods high in polyphenols like pomegranates, berries, and nuts. Our ability to produce urolithin A varies substantially and many people are not able to produce it at all.
How does Urolithin A work?
As Urolithin A boosts cellular energy in the mitochondria, this supplement could be an effective and accessible tool to improve health and longevity in older people. 
Mitochondrial function declines with age, impairing the mitochondria’s ability to produce enough energy. 
Mitochondrial dysfunction causes cellular and molecular damage to the body. That can lead to age-related illness. Supplementing with Urolithin A can slow down this proces.
Urolithin activates the process of mitophagy.

How to use Urolithin A?
Purity over 99%.
Beige powder.
Recommended serving size 0,25 -2g daily.
Do not to exceed the stated recommended daily dose.
Store in a cool and dark place, away from children.
Free measuring spoon included. The spoon holds 0,3g of Urolithin A (when pressed against the inside of the jar) and is dishwasher safe.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

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