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Brushworks Face Sculpting Zinc Roller

35,99 €

SKU: 5256385
Brand: Brushworks
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Brushworks Face Sculpting Zinc Roller

The Brushworks Face Sculpting Zinc Roller gives a cooling, deep kneading massage to help tone, firm and brighten the skin whist improving circulation. Packed with endless health benefits, the zinc roller helps to stimulate blood flow and sculpt the face, whilst providing lymphatic drainage. Use the zinc roller over your favourite serums to increase absorption.  
Store in the fridge for an extra cooling effect. Your zinc roller should be wiped down with a dry or damp clean cloth. Do not wash with water.
PETA Approved - Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly.
How to Use:
• Gently apply pressure and roll the tool across your jawline and cheekbones to help enhance and define your facial structure
• Soothe and reduce the look of tired, puffy eyes by gently massaging the roller over the delicate eye area, to create a youthful-looking appearance
• Cooling facial massage
• Tones, firms & sculpts the skin
• Stimulates blood flow
• Relaxes & soothes

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